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A lot of people believe what they believe because its how they were taught growing up. They believe what their parent’s or grandparents or other respected associates believe.

What if my beliefs are wrong? What if your beliefs are wrong? What do we do when we realize that what we believe really isn’t what the Bible says is true?

Last Wednesday night was the first week in a seven week series at our church on what the bible has to say about “Tongues, Healing and the Charismatic Movement”.

My friend had guests with her who were from a Pentecostal Church. She shared with me the surprise her guest exhibited to hear what the bible really says about Tongues, Healing and the Charismatic Movement. Here he was, from a Pentecostal Church and never heard the clear teaching of scripture on such things. He wanted to talk to Doug, who was leading the study.

I’m going to give you the entire study sheet in my post because I don’t think the church puts the Wednesday services online like they do the Sunday services.  Where you see a word underlined, that is where we had to fill in a blank on our sheet.

You can copy/paste my post into something so you can print it off if you’d like.


FBCJ Wednesday Evening Elective Study  Summer 2011

WEEK 1 – July 20, 2011 : Tongues, Healing, and the Charismatic Movement

Context Matters

Before we begin our series, we must make something very clear. We are not mad at Charismatics. We do not have an axe to grind with them. We do not believe that all Charismatics are lost- just like not all Baptists are saved. We know that there are good, godly Pentecostals/Charismatics that love God, hate sin, and desire for the lost world to be saved. Some of you had this testimony in the past.

This study is designed for the First Baptist Church of Jackson so that its members are properly equipped to discern activities in “Christianity” happening around us today.

This study will not just inform us about these “titled” issues, but also cause us to understand God’s Word and to love Him more. Every disciple-making church should “major” on preaching and teaching “What the Bible Says!”


Acts 2 : 1-36 – Acts 2 opens with what has become perhaps one of the most controversial issues in the religious world. There is much division among individual Christians and local churches concerning “tongues” and its biblical purpose. The Pentecostal and Charismatic movements have put an intense emphasis on the gift of speaking in unknown tongues, a phenomena they refer to as “speaking in tongues.” This has turned in to a very controversial subject throughout all Christianity. This series will help us to identify this issue of “speaking in tongues”; it will address other surrounding issues of modern day apostolic healing, and basic information about the activities and history of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. We will answer the question: Are these signs and wonders for us today?

Everyone, from time to time, has some unusual spiritual experience develop. It is at this time that we must compare our situation or experience to the infallible standard which God gives us… the Bible. It is then that we can determine exactly how God wants us to respond through his revealed truth.

How To Judge All Signs, Wonders, and Spiritual Gifts

1.   Laying a biblical foundation for discerning truth

a.   John 7:24 – Jesus is involved in a controversy with the Jews. The controversy began as Jesus taught the scriptures in the temple. They marveled at the authority that he demonstrated as he taught the scriptures. They also became angry with him because of the way He was teaching and the things He was doing. He draws the controversy to a conclusion by directing them back to the source of their faith, the scriptures. They should not judge according to what they thought, but according to what the Bible says.

  • How else can you make a “righteous judgment”?
  • We have the mind of Christ – I Corinthians 2:16

b.  John 17:17 – Jesus desires that we be set apart (sanctified) from this present world system through the truth. That “truth” is the Word of God.

NOTE: Because the signs and wonders of the Charismatic Movement do not (as we will see) withstand the scrutiny of the Holy Bible, they cannot be sanctifying. Therefore, they are of this world!

c.  Psalm 119: 105, 130 –  When things are dark (hidden) and not clear to us, we must hold the Word of God up to those situations and let the Bible enlighten us.

NOTE: Anyone that would first witness a Charismatic meeting would question its validity.

For example:

  • Why only in  church meetings are people healed?
  • Why not go to a cancer ward at the Children’s hospital right now?
  • Why are they speaking in unknown words?
  • The answer to these questions is hidden without the Bible.

d.  Proverbs 22: 20-21 – God’s Word does, in fact, have specific and detailed answers.  [… If we will search it].

2.  Judging all experiences

a.  We must judge every experience by the infallible standard which is greater than any experience.

  • 2 Peter 1: 16-21 – Peter heard the audible voice of God, but said that the prophecy or scripture is a “more sure word”.  This was in comparison to the real, valid event he experienced on the “Mount of Transfiguration” (Matt. 17:1-4).
  • 2 Timothy 1:13 –  When confronted with the truth of the Bible vs. a seemingly real and valid experience, the experience must be judged in the light of the Bible. If the experience does not line up with the Bible, we are faced with a decision.  One must go in order to “hold fast” to the other.  The experience must be the one to go.  We must always “hold fast” to the Bible – no matter what!!  (2 Thessalonians 2:9).

b.  Habits must be developed – we must always ask the following questions:

  • What does the Bible say?

NOTE:  This is not the same as “show me a verse”.  A verse can be taken out of context.  A verse can be used to prove just about anything!  It does not matter what we think.  It does not matter what we experience in regard to the truth or what is true – the Bible supersedes these things!  Consider this – man makes decisions based on his immediate needs…and the Devil is in the deception business…

  • Am I willing to change what I think and feel in light of what the Bible clearly says?

NOTE: I always qualify any debate or controversy with this question.  You should think about this point for the rest of your life!

Matthew 7: 21-29 – Jesus explains that just because a person uses His name and acts religious does not mean that the person knows Him. He then likens a man that hears his words and doeth them to a wise man.  In contrast, he likens a man who hears his words and doeth them not to a foolish man.  This study will be explained by using the best, most accurate text book — the Holy Bible!  Let’s be wise!

This was the first week in a 7 week series on Tongues, Healing and the Charismatic Movement. Tomorrow night, Wednesday at 7:15pm  is Week 2 in this series.

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