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homeschooling blog hop

In case you’ve missed out, I’m participating in a four week blog hop about homeschooling: the Not-Back-to-School Blog Hop. Week One we shared our Homeschool Curriculum, Week Two we shared our Homeschool Rooms, this week its our kiddos and next week is “a day in the life of” our homeschooling.

So, here are my homeschoolers!

Brendan is entering 2nd grade and Jack is in Kindergarten. We are beginning our second year homeschooling and its been quite a ride.

I had a change of heart about public school when Brendan was going through all day/everyday kindergarten and began my homeschool research. Due to my creative personality and aversion to too much text-book learning (I don’t even like to read little “how-to” manuals for our electronics) – oh yeah, and lack of funds I homeschool using more of an eclectic style or method (a.k.a I use some of this and that from here and there). <— That may or may not be a run-on sentence.

You can see my Curriculum Post for more info on that. By the way, I’m really excited about my plan to use a 7 continent notebooking set up to cover history, geography, social studies, maybe science and of course we can include reading and writing within those themes. WOOt! WOOt!

Its very possible and highly probable that I am more excited about starting school than they are right now 🙂  .