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First day back to school field trip.

Today was our first official day of being back to school. And honestly, I didn’t plan on it being so, but I just felt directed that way and things fell into place. I think it was a God-thing.

Now it wasn’t the kind of day that will be the norm – it was more of a meeting with the boys to talk a little about what to expect.

I had them get out their  map-boards which are simply Risk game boards I bought from someone online  and talked about what part of the world they would most like to learn about.

Last year we got familiar with the map and the continents, this year we will learn in a more in-depth and organized manner from a world-wide perspective.

I showed them a chart that they will be filling in to reinforce good hygiene routine and chores, etc.. They decorated their folder that will hold those charts.

They watched part of  a video on Endangered and Extinct Animals that my oldest had picked out at the library a few days ago.

The real excitement came after lunch when we…

…celebrated (Not being) Back-to-School with our first field trip to play putt-putt (and the batting cages) at Grand Slam & McDuffer’s Park…

because I had a gift certificate to use up and the weather was gorgeous!

These are two activities that they either have never done or have only done maybe once or twice before. I will call it a field trip because it was learning. Learning to put others first, not be selfish, and learning/experiencing sports. So I guess its a P.E. type field trip.

In case you’re wondering what’s going on with Brendan’s expression to the right, I had my camera ready when he was “celebrating” a victory getting the ball into the hole. ———>

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I also wanted to make this a “special” kind of kick-off to our homeschooling. The sort of thing I hope will make for good memories they will hang on to and treasure as they get older.

Maybe I’ll make this a tradition… starting the school year with a fun field trip!

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