Off-grid pantry planner

Ready or not, school starts in a matter of days. I know this time of year can be an expensive one with all the things you need to buy for your kids starting a new school year. Thankfully there  are many sales going on during this time which bring prices down, but did you consider using coupons too?

Since my kids are young and I homeschool them my costs are minimal (and they don’t need new clothes or uniforms), but if your kids are older you may be buying laptops for them this year in addition to new clothes, new shoes, sporting equipment and on it goes.

You may be familiar with using the cut out type of coupons at the grocery store, but coupon savings doesn’t end there. Technology and internet has made it possible to use coupons or coupon codes online to save even more!

Coupon usage has weathered the test of time and coupons are here to continue the savings. I thought I’d browse briefly to see what deals might apply to families getting ready for school and quickly I  found the following:  coupons for $50-$200 off  a NEW Mac for students/teacher plus $100 App store card,  up to 45% off on uniforms at Old Navy, up to 60% off on Nike brand shoes and clothes for kids, and up to 60% off on Very Bradley Totes. Oh wait, that last one may be more for mom 😉 .

Squeeze out all the savings you can this year. Use coupons!