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homeschooling in the early years


Well, I began our homeschool year August 22nd- 10 days ago with Putt-Putt as the highlight of our first day!


I’m all for field trips! But I didn’t really plan on taking so many so soon.


Within the last 10 days, in addition to Putt-Putting, we’ve been to the museum at the Exploration Gateway, McKinley Monument  & Discovery World Museum, the Stark County Fair, and the Beech Creak Butterfly House and Garden.


Now throw in one Orthodontist appointment on Wednesday and the beginning of swimming lessons today .


So this morning I didn’t get up as early as I really probably should have,  I skipped the coffee, didn’t have my quiet time with the Lord (biggest mistake), and tried to get in some  schoolwork before my nephew  arrived and we’d have to leave for swim class.


[Remember, no coffee, no quiet time, in a bit of hurry maybe…I was feeling a good bit out of sorts. But. I do remember seeing my son’s long, fat orangish-brown slug  inside the container which was quite tall and covered with a rubber band around hole-punched lid made out of Saran Wrap.]


The kids went out the door to the van, I followed, shut the door [locked!] and realized…


swimming lessons at the Massillon Rec Center


I had NO shoes on.


Now the door we went out of locks automatically when it shuts  because the lock … just does that. So I have to go inside from another door.


Back inside I go to get my shoes.


Later in the day we arrive home, after swim time, after Chuck E.Cheese, after a last minute decision to stop at Border’s going-out-of-business sale, after waiting in a long line to pay for our stuff at Border’s going-out-of-business-sale.


Finally, home!


Hmm. Now where is that slug? Probably hiding.


Later, no slug.


I decide to take out the rocks, the leaves, the twigs, the wet paper towel to keep things moist in there so it doesn’t dry out.


No slug!


Seriously, can a slug get out of a Saran-Wrapped container?


Apparently, yes.


I got the flashlight out and pulled the bookcase away from the wall and down amongst the dust-bunnies I spot it!


Wet slug + dust bunnies = gross


our preying mantis


I rinsed off the dust-bunnies and put it back into the container and now I have the top covered with mesh-netting.


[Lucky thing. Probably would have dried out down there and become stuck to my carpet. Yuck!]


The slug-escape proved to confirm we made the right decision recently to NOT keep that Praying Mantis (that I chased down and caught inside of Walmart) over night under a Saran-Wrap lid!


[But that’s a story for another day.]


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