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A few blogger’s are getting together to showcase small businesses they are supporting this year. OverComingBusy is hosting a link up every Tuesday between now and Christmas and I plan to join in. However, I will be putting my own spin on how I’m supporting small businesses this year by creating an Ohio Small Business Christmas Directory Guide. See below.

Though I’m simply a homeschooling momblogger who does family-friendly reviews, blogs about  faith, living frugally, and other things that may be relevant to anyone in the world I’m also a NE Ohio mom who cares about the small businesses and especially local small businesses. And I’d love to see more of America’s money going into their own communities, supporting their own local businesses. Many of these businesses are family-owned, are they not?

Summer 2010 I did a series on the Work at Home Woman (WAHW). Many work at home women today are moms! These 16 women did not have to live in Ohio to be featured.

Celebrating and supporting small, local Ohio businesses.

This year, for the Christmas shopping season (and we are down to the wire!) I want to feature some local small Ohio businesses. This feature will not be done the same way as the WAHW series.

If you live in Ohio and own a small, local (anywhere in Ohio) business and would like to apply to be featured for this, email me NOW at halloffamemoms (at) gmail (dot) com with the following information. I plan to be featuring your businesses every Tuesday between now and Christmas.

Why would you want to be featured at Hall of Fame Moms?

First, HOFM is read not only nationally and in some other countries but my highest US readership is concentrated right here in Ohio.

Second, I publish an online “newspaper” via that scoops up information off Twitter for Ohio resources.  It publishes every 24 hrs and is automatically shared with my 2600+ Twitter followers. You might just land on it.

Third, I own and post Ohio family-friendly activities on the Facebook Page: 1000 Things to do in Stark and Surrounding Areas. There are over 1230 followers there. I also have a separate Facebook Page for everything I share on my blog that has over 900 followers.

Fourth, hey, this is FREE online advertising for you with a link back to your website.

You can read about my Readers & Blog Stats here.

If you are an Ohio, small business and would like to be considered for this feature, email the following information to me at halloffamemoms (at) gmail (dot) com:

  • Your name
  • Your business name
  • Type of business/ what you sell or your service
  • Your business address and website
  • In 100 words or less , what message would you like to send to my readers.

This is FREE and I will be choosing what businesses I want to feature. Application does not guarantee feature. By providing your information you are giving me permission to post/publish said information in my guide on my blog and to share it on all my social  networks including blog link-ups.

Did I mention this is FREE advertising? 😉  Share this email with a local Ohio business owner today!