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I mentioned on Facebook the other day that I was surprised to see what my most viewed posts were for 2011.

I’m only going to share the top 10 posts here but I will tell you, almost all of the top 20 posts viewed on my blog had to do with my budgeting attempts, homeschooling, and organizing!

The most viewed “review post” was my Holey Donuts post and that review was done back in March 2010. These are the “better for you” kind of doughnuts which makes them that much  more awesome!

And why should the blog posts have all the fun?!

I’m also going to share my 2 most viewed Youtube videos for 2011 and special mention of some from 2010.


Top 10 posts of 2011

#1.  Paper Bag Christmas Cards

#2.  What we were eating in our $35 budget.

#3.  We bought this commercial floor stand from Border’s at their going out of business sale to use in our homeschool room.

#4.  My homeschool room organizing tipnot just for homeschooling though.

#5.  My home manager binder.

#6.  Homeschool Record Keeping

#7.  Free Printable Forms for Organization

#8.  My February Budget Update-Busted <—one of the lost posts

#9.  Our Homeschool Room (bloghop) <—- A 2010 post, before I reorganized the room.

#10. My impossible budget experiment. <—- My Jan. 1st post of 2011.


Most viewed Youtube review-videos of 2011:

Our boys dancing with the Fijits we got to review received 2620 views.

My video of our Castaway Bay trip received 952 views.


And special mention from 2010:

My Geauga Lake Wild Water Kingdom video review has 2591 views currently.

My 4 videos for Crayola Color Wonders received a combined  3632 views.


AND- I learned the importance of backing up my blog – the hard and painful way when my host had a major set back and I lost about 5 weeks of posts! Ouch. Thats why I’m missing a link for one of my top 10 viewed posts and I lost most if not all of my Castaway Bay series. Although I did a post re-cap later.

Well, 2011 was the year of travel-review opportunities and brand ambassadorships for me. It was a full year and by full I mean “full for me” which may not be “full for you” if you are a blogger doing the same thing. I see some bloggers doing what seems to be an amazing amount of work related to their blogs. There’s more I want to do with mine including being able to give something more to you, but I am only one person with limited time and energy.

Nevertheless I’m looking forward to a New Year with new opportunities and new growth in more than one area of my life.

How about you?


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