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 No-snow worries?

Just last year I remember specifically how December 2010 was – SNOW, at least on the ground nearly every. single. day. For real! It was a wonderful wonderland of snow. It was melting off the ground around the very last day or two of that month. And then things got really cold around January/February.



Now, one year later, we’ve had a very different December. Rain. Very little snow. And its almost Christmas.



I’m not complaining, I like not worrying about slick roads and freezing temps- but I am a bit old-fashioned. Its not really very “Christmas-sy” in NE Ohio without that white cold stuff on the ground.



But come January, February, March 2012 I’m afraid we’ll get a good dumping of that white fluffy stuff with the works: slick roads, closed roads (too much snow), freezing temps and the need for digging out.

Kind of ironic I guess. I don’t have any snow to worry about and that alone can cause me worry ’cause I expect the longer it doesn’t show up, the worse its likely to be when it does.

Aw, but I’m not worrying. I hope you’re not either 😉

I went back to December 2010 to see what I was writing about.  Among the many posts… It was that month that we cut our cable tv, I wrote about Who Jesus Christ is and Why He came, Brandi told us about Stark County winter bird activities, and I was excited about one of my posts being featured on The Frugal Girls website- it was this craft post. That feature brought me a lot of  visitors for which I am thankful for.


A personal note from me…

Thank you so much everyone for staying on as a reader. I know I post a lot of reviews and topical/advertising-type posts I’m paid to write about (requiring me to research and compose in my own words) and they aren’t necessarily all that interesting to you I assume. But I began blogging so I could earn an income from home that would allow me to stay home and raise my kids and put my family first. If I don’t work from home, I may have to leave home to work and I don’t want that.

I am thankful for everyone of YOU who read my blog regularly, visit occasionally, get my email/RSS subscription, and  follow me on Facebook and Twitter. At my blog I hope you find encouragement, helpful tips, and discover a new product or two you’re glad you found here.

I hope you WIN in one of my giveaways. If you advertise with me- I hope you get a lot of new visits and sales, and if you’ve never heard the truth about how a relationship with Jesus Christ will change your life and eternity forever…I hope you’ll read one or more of  my posts about it  here at the blog!  {Some of my dearest friends and  acquaintances are not believers in Christ and I am praying for you because you’re missing out on the best thing that could ever happen to you in your life that only gets better in eternity!}

And if for some reason I don’t get a “Merry Christmas” post up before Sunday-  Merry Christmas from me!  But I think I’ll get another post up about that before then!

*That’s our cat, Spanky- lounging on the couch under the stockings. Doesn’t he look cozy?