Off-grid pantry planner

‘Tis the season to organize and re-organize and nothing is off-limits, right?

I’m a needy person when it comes to having things a certain way if  I’m indeed going to make it work. I need “simple”.  And I’m very “visual”.  Make sense? I ask cuz it – I didn’t sound like it did to me. But you know what I mean (I hope).

And so, I have found a very cute, very simple, very cheap way to organize a couple areas of my life. Mind you, I’m talking basics here for organizing my homeschooling and blogging schedules. They are each getting their own respective books. I can do this because I found these cute, simple, cheap calendar books at one of our dollar stores.

cheap planners

My 2012 Blogging Schedule

Of course, this is subject to change from time to time.

I’ve also started my own blog hop/link up and hope many of you will want to join in  on my new Fridays Link up where you get to Share Your Story .

Here’s what I plan to share on what day:

Mondays:   Topics on our homeschooling, crafts, recipes, family stuff…my binders, etc.

Tuesdays:  Guest Posts

Wednesdays:  Reviews & Giveaways

Thursdays:  {who knows?}

Fridays:  A personal story from me and my “Share Your Story Fridays”  link up/blog hop. You will link up, right? Please? Pretty please? I plan to read all your stories and feature some of them on my Facebook page.

Saturdays:   Bible topics I’m studying/ working on “in real life”.