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I made these for dinner the  other night and they were simple to put together and tasty. Of course, the “kinds” of ingredients you use will make the difference so use your favorites if possible.  You could also let your kids make their own.

I used my homemade (leftover) spaghetti sauce (which I don’t always make exactly the same), some Italian shredded cheese and pepperonis for those liked pepperoni.

I recommend:

  1. spooning some sauce on the muffin,
  2. followed by cheese
  3. and then toppings
  4. and more cheese.

Stick in a hot oven (350-400 degrees) for about 10-15 minutes- until the cheese is melted and the edges are browned a bit.

Allow to cool before eating.

You could serve this with applesauce, salad, fruit, or veggies with dip…even chips or pretzels for a quick lunch or dinner. This might even be fun for a small kid-party as you allow each child to make their own pizza for lunch. For more simple and cheap meals check out what we ate during my $35 Budget Experiment Series.

*Sharing at Crystal & Company‘s linky party.