Off-grid pantry planner

A week ago yesterday my husband’s car stopped working. The engine would run, but the car wouldn’t move.   After spending alot of time on the phone  Friday (to the point that it was beeping because the battery was dying) talking to different shops, the insurance company, towing company, and my husband we decided to scrap the car.

Our Ford Taurus was almost 10 years old and had over 150,000 miles on it. It was going to cost too much to figure out the problem and there was no guarantee the “fix” would last. I told the shop another tow truck was coming to bring our Taurus home and we were thinking to sell it for scrap. He wanted to buy it and we liked his offer so that solved a potential problem for us. Now we needed to find the title to the car.

(Insert theme song to “Jaws”).

Have you ever noticed how some problems in life just seem to exist for the purpose to point out other, bigger underlying problems in life?

Or is it just me?

Well. Here’s my story. Its been no secret to me that paper clutter is my nemesis as is my lack of organizing it. I hate all this paper clutter.  Bills, receipts, ads, coupon books that magically get mailed to you just because you live in “the area”… I can’t keep up. And when you have no really good effective way of organizing and purging these things as needed, well, it just stinks.  Paper piles up faster than I can figure out how to handle it. And so my story goes.

In my hot pursuit of said “title” I discovered multiple areas of “storage” for bills, receipts, and pay stubs. I’m talking about finding hospital statements from when my oldest was born almost eight years ago- among  other things. So all this car business has inspired me to deal with this.

I was sorting and purging in an effort to find the title to the car. Which we never found. We just went to the Clerk of Courts and paid $16 to get a copy and have it transferred into the new owner’s name.

So while life has been a bit uprooted (in more than one area) with our one car dilemma we are also dealing with getting our paper crap clutter in order. I’m still short on figuring out how to organize this area of life efficiently so I can deal with it effectively. If you have any grand ideas I’d welcome them. What works for you that might work for me?

P.S. I need a simple plan 🙂