Off-grid pantry planner

I have two boys as many of you know- Brendan and Jack. Jack is almost six and has been one of those sweet little cuddlers. He’s a hugger and a kisser and he loves me, his mama. Sometimes when he’s playing or drawing pictures he pretends I’m his wife or his Queen. He’s made me a paper crown, picks me flowers, and has told me how beautiful I am with the little (Build-A-Bear elastic band bow) pink ribbon he asked me to put in my hair the other day 🙂 .

Yes, I put that thing around a few locks of my long thick hair (thinking I must look like something out of the Beverly Hillbilly’s)- just for him. I did remove it, however, after we got in the van to leave just in case we were in an accident. I didn’t want to die or something looking silly. But to Jack I looked beautiful and he was thrilled to see me wear it in my hair.

And for two days in a row he has been picking me dandelions from the yard.  Actually both boys enjoy picking flowers and bringing them to me.  Jack has brought me a  fresh bouquet each day. I’m glad we don’t have professional lawn service or there wouldn’t be any dandelions to pick 😉  .

I shared this picture on Facebook today before I had written a post and a friend commented that she has “always maintained that God put dandelions on earth so that kids could have ONE flower they could pick as much of as they wanted and no one would tell them, “don’t pick the flowers!”