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In case you’re ever in need of an ice-breaker for a group of parents, I’ve got one for you:  just ask them to share how they went about naming their children. I know I’d like to hear a conversation like that.

My husband and I did not agree on many names so when we found one that worked…that pretty much made the decision final. We have two boys and due to a number of circumstances which included my health and any risk to future babies we decided to stop at two. Because of this, I can tell you some of the names I have liked and might still consider if we were still having children.

I will say that names we liked tended to be influenced by some outside source whether we favored a movie character, an actor, a noble characteristic or family. For baby boy names I liked Lorenzo, Cole and considered Jackson. My husband didn’t go for those but we did agree on “Jack”- I think we just liked it.  We named our other boy “Brendan” – I can’t remember for sure, but it may have been decided during the time one of us was reading names out loud from a book and we agreed when we heard it. But I know we both liked actor Brendan Frasure and that is the only connection to the name I can remember we had.

As for baby girl names I liked Honor…yes, I thought that might be a cool name and I still do! My husband and I both liked Elayna from the movie Zorro. That very well could have been our girl’s name. I think we held off on picking names with child #2 till we knew what we were having.

Since the internet is so accessible via phones and laptops and ipads (O-MY!), today you don’t have to buy a book to browse baby names. Just visit They have names listed by categories of interest such as “biblical”, “religion”, “Japanese”, “celebrity” and more. This site will also give you the meaning,  “origin” of the name and variations in spellings.


*This is a Sponsored Post reflecting my husband & my personal experience.