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So, as I stated in this post I’m on a mission to buy great books at garage sale prices. I do  this in preparation for the upcoming home-school year. In the process of making a list of books to search for I’ve come across a number of interesting posts from other bloggers: book lists and tips. I’m going to share my finds with you.

But first, I want to share with you a few ways of accessing books for your children at cheap or free prices!

How to get your books.

1.   Borrow from the Library.  Its free, but you don’t get to keep.

2.   Earn FREE Amazon gift card codes through Swagbucks. This is what I do!  This post explains how.

3.   Go to used book sales at your library and hit the garage sales.  See this post.

4.   Used book stores or children’s store. I just bought several books today at a half-off/ buy 2 get 1 free sale at Once Upon a Child. Paid as low as 50 cents per book. I recently found classic literature children’s book for as low as $2 at our local Books-A-Million.

You can see my son’s reading chart here from the school year. See our current summer reading challenge chart in this post.

Lists of Books & Reading Tips Recommended by Others

Update on my boy’s Summer Reading Challenge.

I shared in this post the chart for my boys’ summer reading challenge. The goal is for them to read 600 minutes this summer. Half way through at the 300 minute point they each get a prize. My oldest is 8 and is a good reader, my 6 year old is just learning to read and not nearly as motivated.

My 8 year old has already blown through his first 300 minutes, picked a $13 Lego set and is 140 minutes away from being done entirely with my 600 minute goal. And today is just July 3rd. He wants another set of Legos.  And yes, there is a price limit on what we’ll spend on Legos and this next set might be his last till Christmas.

I’d say the challenge is going very well but I don’t want to always reward with toys and pricey Legos. I’m not sure buying books will motivate my boys since we have no problem having books. Our family frequents the library almost as much as we frequent Walmart or so it feels.

 Have anything to add or share?