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If you are someone who wants to make sure that your child’s next birthday party is a fantastic one, you need to consider what kind of activities you want to offer. Many people think about things like food and games, but what activities are going to make the party really pop? Take a few minutes to consider what options are open to you and consider what activities draw your child’s interests.

Laser Tag
Laser tag is a fantastic way for children to run around and enjoy themselves, and if your child is very active and adores fight scenes and action movies, laser tag is the perfect choice. Most laser tag ranges have age-segregated areas, and there are ranges are allow children as young as seven to take the stage. Make your child’s laser tag activity a main event at the party and you’ll find that they will be talking about it for ages.

Trail Ride
Do you have a child who adores horses, or has a strong interest in the medieval era or the pioneer era? If so, consider contacting a local stable and seeing if they offer trail rides. These trail rides put children on horses and take them out for a long ride in the woods. This is a very safe activity, and the horses are specifically chosen for their docility and their steadiness. This is a particularly wonderful treat for children in urban areas, who may be unfamiliar with large animals in general.

If your child loves animals, and you know that their friends do too, why not plan a day at the zoo? Contact your local zoo to see if they have any kind of birthday package. This may range from a group discount to providing full facilities for the celebration itself, including a cake and decorations. A zoo is a fantastic place to see large and exotic animals that the children have never seen before. You may also consider making a stop in the petting zoo area, if the zoo has one.

Water Park
Does your child love to swim and play in the sun? If so, consider taking the entire party to a water park for the day. A water park is a great choice for fun and relaxation, and you have the benefit of knowing that the facilities are open to a wide range of child-friendly activities. Whether the party-goers want to head down the water slides or simply splash around in the shallow end, they can have a great time in the water. Water parks are perfect no matter how large your party is!

Renaissance Faire
If you live in an area where there is a Renaissance Faire, you’ll find that this is the perfect place to take the child who adores dragons and princesses. Get the party guests to dress up and spend the day watching jousts and other fun medieval entertainments. Make sure that your little one gets a crown for the day and have a great time wandering from activity to activity. Cap off the celebration with a royalty-themed cake or even a cake shaped like a castle.

When you are ready to plan your child’s party, make sure that you plan an event that is closely related to their interests. This is a great way to ensure that the party remains a treasured family memory.

Lucy James is a freelance writer currently helping to represent online, a company that specializes in kid- friendly and safe go kart fun.

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