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Update 11/17/2015:  I went through and checked for links that are no longer working and found quite a few so I’ve edited this page to allow for some new resources and remove dead links! There are some very promising looking resources in this post! I will have some affiliate links in this post as well, which does not cost you a thing!


 free homeschooling history and map printables



Free Printable maps. This is a very nice government resource. You’ll find nice maps labeled and blank for USA: States & Capitals, USA: Rivers & Lakes and more. When you click that link above just scroll down to the section that says: “Printable Maps List: Reference and Outline Maps of the United States”.


I thought the single-page size of the African map I printed here and copied for the kids to label was pretty much perfect so I’m guessing other countries will probably look good too. You can also make much larger maps that require more than one piece of paper. You’ll see what I mean if you go there.


This site also has free printable maps and I think it would be a good site to check out. I’ve found other free maps in the past but I think one or both of  these links have some better maps than I’ve used in the past.


Free & Cheap historical timelines, figures and images.

I loved this option of having a row of empty boxes for the kids to glue in or draw in their own timeline events. I also like what offers for free timeline layouts here.


 Free Clip Art & more: 

  • Clip art sites: here’s one,  here’s one, here’s one.
  • Find free historical portraits in the public domain, and here is over 60,000 pieces of educational clip art.
  • Scroll down to the purple (here) to see the list of FREE Montessori printables for cards or other projects.
  • I bought one cd of historical clip art from Hold That Thought (apparently no longer in business).


Additional Resources – see his work here. Free Charlotte Mason Book of Centuries timeline page headers. Notebooking tips, free printables for notebooking.

I found many of my timeline resources from Mahogany Homemaker and this page.