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I just found out about a site (new to me) that bloggers and other social media personnel might be interested in. Well, I’m sure many will be. I’ve just been checking it out at this point. It’s called Social Clerks and is a forum type setting where members can help each other get more Facebook “likes”, Youtube views, Pinterest pins, get free followers on twitter, +1’s and more. The site says up front and on the home page that they follow the Facebook and Twitter rules.


Now, I know many bloggers will probably frown upon this, but I also know from experience how small and big groups of bloggers get together privately to do this same thing for each other. They unite to support each other. So, whether you’d join a public group like this or not is a personal matter. If there is nothing underhanded about it, why not, right?


Sign up is free at Social Clerks and the more¬† involved you become in their forum the more rewards you get as people like your content and whatever else. Just visit the website to learn more. It doesn’t look too complicated.¬† After you sign up you follow, like, view other people’s content, get credits and then you receive follows, likes, and views.


Have you tried this site? If so, tell me what your experience has been in the comments?


*Sponsored post, opinions are mine.