Off-grid pantry planner


For my birthday earlier this year I got an HP eprinter. In the past (before my HP printer) I normally have ordered my ink online and have it shipped to my home, but I don’t have to with HP. I can buy it at Walmart while I’m buying my groceries or shopping for my boys. In picture above I scored a bag of apples for $1 (yes, not per pound),  I think the cabbage was $.44 /#, and I had some coupons for other items. Everything in the picture actually cost me about $90 so subtract the makeup and toothpaste and that would leave about $75 for all the food plus the ink!


Since I homeschool I end up doing a LOT of printing and I prefer the HP XL ink cartridges over the regular sized ones since they hold more ink.  The HP XL cartridges fit into your HP printer just like the regular sized ones.


You can save up to 40% on printing with HP XL ink cartridges, compared with single standard HP ink cartridges and based on average retail pricing, actual prices may vary. Also visit Walmart/HPink.


Enter to win a $20 Walmart gift card here at my blog! See below.


Well, I certainly appreciated the opportunity to receive a $75 shopping card to Walmart with the assignment to buy an HP XL ink cartridge (score! for a homeschooling mom who prints ALOT) and to use the rest of the card for groceries or whatever. How far can $75 stretch when you’re buying the HP XL ink cartridge?  See my video below. If you’re in email, click here to view it.



$20 Walmart gift card giveaway- open to USA residents only.

Mandatory: Leave me a comment telling me why you want to win.

For extra entries:  Come back every day after you’re original entry and leave me a comment. Tell me what you’d print with your HP XL ink cartridge if you’d use it to buy ink. You don’t have to use it for ink.


Giveaway begins today and ends October 25, 2012 11:59pm EST – Random winner selected.


*I received a $75 Walmart gift card to complete this promotional program with MomSelect.