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UPdate!   My husband replaced the ceiling light only to have it working again and the light above the sink now NOT working. A friend came over and here is what we learned. Maybe this info will help someone who happens to read this post- someone as unskilled in certain home repairs as my husband and myself.

#1- both light fixtures were attached at the same junction box (the hint was they are controlled by the same switch!).

#2- There were 4 wires (not 3). One was not connected.

With the help of our friend, we saved the $90 calling an electrician, and now we know better if we run into this again!



Home repair help needed.

One day my husband went to change the light-bulb in this fixture and a screw fell out. He tried putting the screw back in and something “zapped” and now no bulbs are working in this fixture. This fixture is somehow sealed to the ceiling and we don’t want to destroy the ceiling and have ANOTHER problem on our hands if we don’t have to.

My husband had me video him describing the problem so he could take it to a home-repair store to show them, hoping someone had the answer. If we can fix this ourselves it will save us the $90 it would cost to have our electrician come out just to diagnose. If you cannot see the video below, click here. And thank you in advance for helping us 🙂 .