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Water accidents and CPR: Am I ready in case of emergency?


At least twice in my life I have been CPR certified. I believe the first time was way back when I was working in a daycare/preschool environment and then about 8 years ago, again, possibly because I was working in the childrens’ ministry at church. At any rate, I was going to be doing childcare from my home so it was a good time to get re-certified. But, as with many things, if you don’t use it- you lose it, or so they say and I’m not sure I’d remember how to do what / when now.


Thinking that someone’s life is in your hands is a scary thought.


Recently my 6 year old was coming down a hotel pool slide when another child came down behind him and slid into him.  And I don’t believe this water park had life guards on duty this day.


Would I have been ready to do CPR if needed or would I have been left to hope a total stranger nearby would be equipped to do it?


Hopefully, if and when the time comes, (I hope it does not!), I will just remember what to do. But I’m happy to share that Nicole and Deborah have a site devoted to CPR information online. They say you can even get CPR certified online and they talk about Pet CPR too.


Just thinking about having to perform CPR makes me uncomfortable, I’m not confident in my skills. Am I prepared to perform CPR on my child? Are you?


I will be pinning this post I’m writing (which contains links to this CPR site) to my Emergency Preparedness board on Pinterest for future review. I’m also going to be reviewing the steps soon to keep them fresh in my mind (I do appreciate this CPR site). Thank you ladies for sharing it with me!


*Sponsored Post, but opinions are mine and I truly appreciate being asked to share it with my readers.