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Family Fun


If you’re like me, you have a lengthy to do list, obligations pulling you in various directions and people who depend on you. Quite often with all our responsibilities, we forget to intentionally set aside time for fun with our families.


Someone once told me “If you don’t spend time playing with your children when they are young, they won’t want to spend time with you when they reach their teenage years.” This really resonated with me.


My children are young and at an age where doing things with mom and dad is fun and something they want to do. If I spend my days shooing them aside in order to focus on being “productive” or getting things checked off my to do list, what kind of example am I setting?


If I never take time to play with them now, once they get older and spending time with mom and dad is no longer “cool.” Why would I expect them to want to spend quality time as a family if we’ve never done it before?


Instead of letting this happen, let us all commit to make spending quality time with our families a priority in our lives now. Doing so will allow us to make memories worth keeping, and foster a loving, playful and strong relationship with one another.



Simple Ideas for Spending Quality Time as a Family


  • Weekly Family Game Night – Designate a night of week, make some popcorn and play board games. Leave the television off and engage in conversation with your children.


  • Explore the Great Outdoors – Hike the trails at a local Metropark, or stop by a Nature Center. Grab a kite and head out to your backyard or neighborhood playground. If you’re a Northeast Ohio local, take a family bike ride along the towpath trail. The possibilities are endless.


  • Visit your Local Library – Introduce your children to the joy of reading and participate in story times, special reading events and contests. Sign up for some of the many free educational children’s classes.


  • Plan a family outing once or twice a month – Become a tourist in your hometown and visit the area attractions. There are many local organizations that offer fun events and programs (and some are free). If you live in Ohio, get inspiration from the List of Things to Do with Kids in NE Ohio. Otherwise, visit your local County Visitors Bureau for ideas.


Those are some of the fun things we do as a family. As you can see the activities don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. The most important thing is that you enjoy them together.


How about you? What are some of the fun things you do as a family?


Danielle was born and raised in Northeast Ohio. She is the mother of two young kids who strives to enjoy the simple things in life and hopes to encourage others to do the same. Learn more about fun things to do with kids in Northeast Ohio at her site Find Time for Fun! You can also find her on facebook.