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Ah…another candy, toy buying holiday. Well, that really isn’t what Easter is about – and truth be told, our family doesn’t need more of either, but that doesn’t mean we won’t go without some candy.


And Easter isn’t really about either of those things anyways.  I thought I’d share how I’m keeping things simple, environmentally friendly, and frugal.


my frugal, simple easter baskets


I still want what I’m planning for the boys to hold some surprise and mystery so I’m hiding the candy from them. The only thing I’ve spent money on this year is candy and a cheap bag of plastic eggs to use for an egg hunt.


I’m simply reusing baskets we’ve had around the house for other projects and crinkle paper and /or Easter grass bought from past sales or that came from packages (used as stuffing) we’ve received in the mail. I hang onto that kind of stuff for crafts anyways.


I spent around $11 for candy and plastic eggs. Still more than I’d have liked, but I wanted to make sure I had the kind of candy we all like vs. choosing “cheap” candy.  And yes, “we” means my husband and I too 🙂 .


farm fresh eggs


Now as for decorating eggs – I am the only one who will eat hard-boiled eggs in this house so we don’t need to have many of those. The boys will decorate for the fun of it. I have a good friend who raises chickens and we get our eggs from her. Aren’t they pretty?! Makes me kinda want to raise chickens too. They really don’t need dyed, but the boys want to color eggs I’m giving them three each to dye.


 Mounds ice cream eggs for Easter


Another Easter goodie that I really like, but my boys don’t, are these Mounds ice cream eggs by Good Humor: ice cream covered in chocolate with a coconut taste. That’s what I really like about them. They aren’t just your regular chocolate covered ice cream “bar”.


Good for me I don’t have to fight over the last one with the kids 🙂 .  Disclosure:  I did receive a coupon to get a box to review. My opinion is my own.


So – no toys or gimmicky things in our Easter baskets this year to be left laying around as clutter for me to pick up later 😉 . And I will reuse the plastic eggs for next Easter or maybe some cool crafts before then.