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My son attended public school kindergarten a few years ago and so I was on the email list for our school district.¬† Three years later I’ve kept myself on that list and occasionally will peek into the newsletters to see what’s going on in our area schools. One day a few months ago I noticed talk about Common Core. Today there is so much talk online about Common Core – and most what I’m reading is negative.


That isn’t all, though. One day I saw that my homeschooling math curriculum creator was talking about making the math line up to Common Core. I guess I assumed that would be good. But like I said, I’m reading more about the down side of this movement. And why should it affect homeschoolers? The only reason I can think of is if it were to infringe on our rights to teach what we want and how we want as parents and if it means our homeschooling curriculum creators are going to be dumbing down the teaching.


I thought this was a great post by Matt Gerwitz on Common Core and he followed it up with this one: CCS More Sinister than we want to believe.


So, regardless of whether you choose to homeschool or use public or private education, as a parent, you probably should start to dig in and find more out about this Common Core movement that is hitting American. My understanding is that in order for the schools to get money¬† (or MORE money?) from the Federal government they had to commit to teaching Common Core. If I’m wrong, someone correct me.


Consider the advantage that homeschooling offers children- it’s not just about scores. This family with 10 children was featured on TODAY about how they sent 6 of their kids to college by age 12. Their mom says no one in their family is brilliant. They allowed their children to pursue their passions.


Personally, I’m still investigating this out, but I wanted to share some information that I think you should read… and a video (very entertaining) that I think you should watch. I welcome your thoughts in the comments. Are you for Common Core or against? And why?