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I met Lindsay about 5 years ago through our local hospital’s preemie support group. Her little girl was born around 27 or 29 weeks early I think. When I had stopped attending meetings she and I stayed in touch via Facebook as well as through our blogs. She even gave me a bloggy award I think my one and only.


In 2010 I visited her garage sale and bought some of her teaching supplies to use in my homeschooling.  By the end of that year she shared her terrible back pain and then the diagnosis of  cancer.


April 21, 2012 was the last time I saw her in person.  I visited her at home. She looked great and was on her feet working in the kitchen- although revealing that already once prior to that day she was in such bad shape her former doctor  recommended hospice. She and her family fought on and she gained more than one more year to enjoy life. She was determined to kick cancer’s butt and had a strong will to live.


Lindsay’s 2 1/2 year fight with cancer took away many things from her – not only before the diagnosis and through the treatment but ultimately… her life. She was a young woman of 33 years, mother of two very young children and a wife of 6 years. Her death came as a shock to me because just hours earlier, that very day,  she had requested prayer for some specific things she was going through – and then this.


Her last Facebook status said simply…


her last words


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