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Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History and Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man


As a Mom of Master Books Reviewer I recently received free to review the beautifully illustrated book, Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History & Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man written by Dave Woetzel and illustrated by Richard Dobbs. I’m sharing my own opinions of this book.



Chronicles of Dinosauria: The History and Mystery of Dinosaurs and Man



I’m enjoying reading this fascinating book.  The pictures are beautiful. The book tackles dinosaurs and dragons (were they one and the same?) and the fact that they lived the same time as man did.


“This book lays out the evidence that dinosaurs and man coexisted for the reader’s consideration: the biblical evidence, the historical evidence, the artistic evidence, the fossil evidence and the cryptozoology evidence. Cryptozoology involves researching reports of animals that have yet to be proven to exist, like the Loch Ness Monster.”


“A great example of a cryptozoology success involves the fish known as the coelacanth. Evolutionary paleontologists believed it to be extinct since the Cretaceous period (the time of the dinosaurs) amost 65 million years ago.” One was discovered off the shores of South africa in 1938 and a second species was found in 1999 in Indonesia.




As a bible reader and believer myself, knowing that observable science and historical evidence actually supports biblical claims,  I have no problem believing dinosaurs and man coexisted (Job 40:15). God created them the same day, Day Six (read Genesis 1).


 The bible mentions the behemoth (Job 40:15) and the leviathan (Job 41:1-3; Psalm 74:14; Psalm 104:25-27;  Isaiah 27:1). Leviathan is described as a dragon alive during the same time as people.


Read the whole chapter of Job 41 and you’ll see Leviathan described as a scaly, fire-breathing dragon – and a picture of Satan. Oh – my, the things you’ll learn if you study what the bible says about Leviathan and Satan!


On page 79 God’s Plan of Salvation is presented. I haven’t finished reading the book yet, but I can tell you I’m looking forward to Chapter Six where Sea Serpents and Swimming Monsters, Lochness, Champ, Ogopogo are mentioned. The author of this book mentions on page 64 that he actually witnessed the “Ogopogo phenomenon” from a boat in 2011:


“The lake had become very calm when all the occupants of the boat plainly saw three dark humps in a line breaking the surface…”


I highly recommend this book and look forward to spending more time digging in to it. You can find it available at New Leaf Publishing here for $16.99 or on Amazon (my affiliate link) for sale with a “removable skin revealing skeleton” dinosaur-

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*I received the Chronicles of Dinosauria for free to review from Master Books. My Amazon affiliate link is in this post. All opinions are mine. View my disclosure policy here.