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Update: About two weeks after receiving this printer to review the display screen stopped working. I called Staples and they were very good about everything. Since the printer was delivered by courier they had courier bring me a new one for exchange a few days later! So, I give Staples local order for delivery a big high-five!


I’ve been a Staples shopper for awhile now. My primary purchase there is copy paper because I can get it for free or almost free with rebates. We go through so much of it between printing homeschool worksheets and the boys’ using it to draw on.  I usually have two or three reams (500 packs) of paper on hand.  So, when I was offered the chance to review a product Staples sells I accepted!

I received this printer free to review from Staples. This is an  HP Deskjet 3510 with wireless and ePrint cababilities and I received no further compensation. All opinions are mine.

Those hairy arms in the pictures are not mine! My sister’s family was over visiting and her husband helped me get this all set up in just minutes. He didn’t even need the instruction cd that came with it (he works in IT so he knows this kind of stuff better than me and my husband).

I do want to say though, we were already using an HP printer which “I” hooked up myself following directions so you do not have to work in IT to do this 🙂 .

About the Pictures Above

Just coming out of the box the printer is secured down with blue tape and the cords, etc are in a box that sits inside the printer (see pic above).  

Matt hooked up both my printers to work wirelessly but only one is hooked up to the desktop computer.  It took a little time to wait for the wireless to connect to my Netbook so be patient if you’re doing the same. Now I can sit in the living room with my Netbook and print from the other room. Yay!

About HP Ink


Because I print a lot I buy the XL ink cartridges. They hold more ink and run about $25-30 I think (depending on where you buy). You only need one cartridge to print black and white and one color cartridge to print in color. So two cartridges total and they’re easy to replace. We been using a similar HP printer for the past year or so, so I’ve had experience with this. Ink came with the new printer (I think they are XL cartridges too). The ink quality is very good too.

Both my HP Deskjets use the same ink cartridges. Since I had the new ink in the new printer to review, I allowed my son to print out a few pages of something he’s been wanting to print, but  from our older HP. As you can see, those comic pages use a lot of ink, hence, he doesn’t get to do this regularly. You can also see the great HP ink quality on those pages! Our HP Deskjet 3050A is one we bought over a year ago.

You can see the variety of printers Staples sells here.

*Full disclosure: Staples provided me with the HP Printer for review. The thoughts and opinions expressed are strictly my own and no other compensation was received.