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Our boys had the opportunity to join a new local Junior First Lego League in our area, actually the ONLY Junior First Lego League in our area I believe.


A family we are acquainted with within our homeschool group became certified to begin this group and there were a very limited number of openings.


There is a cost involved to help cover the cost of the kits- in our case it was $30 per child for this semester, I think the cost may vary from group to group possibly. The boys met twice a month for about three months.  I’ll share a link below to the official site so you can look for a Lego League in your area.

lego league


The 12 boys were broken into two groups by age, six kids in each group. They came up with names for their small group and each had a separate Lego kit they would work on as a team.


These pictures are from their presentation night. Each child had a little bit to say in the presentation in front of parents in addition to their displays and Lego models. As they get older they will likely have the chance to work with robotics in Lego League!


We did miss out on any official Lego League competitions since they happen in the winter and our new Jr. First Lego League started in the second semester of the school year. But there’s next year to look forward too 🙂  and we are planning to be involved again.