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6 must see Christian movies for families.


When I said “Christian movies” was your response a yawn? Well, these six movies have a powerful message to them and I highly recommend them all. I’m looking forward to seeing some of these again soon.


And, since its my husband’s policy to not pay-to-rent movies, period – and like ever, it seems. (Because he’s frugal like that 🙂  ). He’s always borrowing movies from the library, or rather, any of the libraries in Stark County or a couple in Akron and that is where he found these. Of course, you can buy them too.


My husband loves to watch movies so we get quite a variety brought home from the silent black and whites to the chic flicks to the action-packed spy type. Unfortunately, there is a lot of dirt in some movies from bad language, unnecessary violence, gore and – you know what else. Sometimes we start a movie only to stop it because of inappropriate content.


Six Christian Movies for Families I recommend.


These six movies you won’t have to worry about. The first two we just watched recently and the other four we’ve seen further back, but I’m ready to rewatch some of them. I’m also just giving you a little info on them and you can read the reviews through my links for more info. All of these have been around for some time, but just in case you haven’t seen them, I don’t want to spoil the endings.


Go here for: Time Changer

This had an incredible message in it and I can hardly think of a way to make it any clearer then this movie did! You’ve got to watch it if you haven’t yet, and have your kids watch it with you.  LOVED it!


Go here for: The Secrets of Jonathan Sperry

There were some “yawn” moments here, I felt it had a slow start and I was disappointed that it wasn’t truly based on a true story. It’s set up as if it is based on a true story though and I searched the internet to find out if it were based on a literal true story. But the message, again, and the practical object lessons Mr. Sperry shared with the boys were priceless. Definitely gave me food for thought.

My husband is a teacher in our children’s ministry and I think he could really relate to Mr. Sperry’s example. Bottom-line, God can do the things presented in this movie in real-life. Watch this movie, with your kids. I would want to rewatch it just for the lessons.


Go here for: Facing The Giants

Okay, so this is one I want to see again. It’s been months since we’ve seen it. David and Goliath, anyone?


Go here for: Courageous

Who hasn’t heard of this one, right? A call-to-action for all dads to be the godly leader that God calls them to be for their families.


Go here for: Flywheel

Another one I want to see again. Dishonesty in business, making amends and how God can work these things out. Do what’s right, you’re not alone.


Go here for: Fireproof

Another well known movie.  Marriage isn’t just a good idea that God invented – he has a purpose for it beyond making babies. Marriage is a physical picture of a spiritual reality and we all know how marriage is under attack in our ungodly world. Watch this with your spouse.

While searching for these movies on Amazon I noticed that Fireproof, Flywheel, and Facing the Giants also come in this  all-in-one set:  Fireproof / Facing the Giants / Flywheel (Triple Feature).

Are any of these “new” to you?