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 Free Kindle Books


Enjoy this updated list of FREE Kindle books plus a few I mention that are no longer free but are .99 cents or so.  And you know that you don’t have to have a Kindle to receive and read them, right? I don’t. I have the FREE Kindle for PC app I found on Amazon. If you need one too, click the image below to find the one you need.

I’m using my Amazon affiliate links in this post, my disclosure policy is here.



Free & Cheap Kindle books for Homeschooling


Charlotte Mason’s Original Homeschooling Series (all 6 volumes) is FREE at this link.


FREE – 50 Famous Stories Retold (4.4 Stars & 25 Reviews)  <— I’ll be grabbing this one. Read the description and reviews to see why.


.99 cents – Called Home: Finding Joy in Letting God lead your Homeschool (4.9 Stars & 27 Reviews)


.99 cents – Homeschool Basics: Christian Homeschooling in a Classical Style (4.5 Stars & 35 Reviews)


Stages of Homeschooling: Beginnings (Book 1)  (5 Stars & 5 Reviews) – FREE


Book 2 is .99 cents  in Kindle today. Book 3 is also .99 cents here.



Two Kindle books that I have read and enjoyed are Simply Homeschool: Having Less Clutter & More Joy in Your Homeschool – I do recommend it, it is .99 cents (4.7 Stars & 49 Reviews); and Simplify Your Homeschool Day, $2.99 (4.9 Stars & 10 Reviews). You can access each book by clicking on the images below.




Education in the Home, The Kindergarten, and the Primary School


CK-12 Earth Science Honors for Middle School (4.3 Stars & 10 Reviews)  NOTE: There are possibly 53 FREE Kindle cK-12 books. To browse them all easily just click on one of these two cK-12 books below to access the Amazon page and then under the book title just click on the link “K-12 Foundation” beside the word “Author”.


CK-12 Basic Physics (4 Stars & 12 Reviews)



Letters from a Woman Homesteader  (4.6 Stars & 245 Reviews!) // This is for historical reading – sounds very interesting, check it out!


Kindle books are often very cheap.  Visit this link for more  Homeschooling Kindle Books of any price.



*Affiliate links are in this post. See my disclosure here. Sharing at Homeschooling On the Cheap,