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BJ’s did give me some promotional items and a gift card to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.


Years ago my husband and I were members at the BJ’s Wholesale Club in North Canton – mainly for baby diapers. Today we aren’t members of any huge wholesale club, though occasionally I do sign up for the free temporary memberships that BJ’s offers through the mail.  Last week I had the opportunity to join a handful of other Ohio bloggers to learn more about what BJ’s offers- and I learned some things I didn’t know.




First, grab your coupons from the rack in front of the store. They are updated every other Thursday, I wasn’t aware of that.


I did know that  BJ’s allows you to stack their own coupons (yes, they have many!) with those of manufacturers.


I did not know the following, which was one of my biggest surprises. Say you find a bulk pack of toothpaste individually boxed with bar codes on each box (all three are shrinkwrapped together…because its bulk). You CAN use 3 separate manufacturer’s coupons PLUS BJ’s coupon on that purchase.  This allowance applies to items that are in their own boxes with their own bar codes. Ask BJ’s about any other restrictions.


I did not know that when you walk into the store and veer off to the left that that first right hand row of merchandise is called the WOW Wall.


I did not know that now BJ’s offers (in every store I think) a local …LOCAL farmers produce section (see the pic above).


I did not know that BJ’s has an Organic section  and a Natural section (Natural is based on BJ’s guidelines, see pic below).




BJ’s carries Cinnabon rolls and that big delicious cheesecake I’d really like to try (pic above)… large packs of Hawaiian Sweet Rolls and big birthday cakes. You can buy a block of cheese and have the deli custom slice it for you, they also carry a line of prepared foods so you can just pick up and reheat at home.


I did not know that someone(s), somewhere in the world (I don’t know who) decides on a “color of the year”. And in the front of the store one of the first aisles is where you’ll find products made in that yearly “ordained” color. Know what the color is this year?  Emerald green 🙂 .




Some products that caught my eye: the retro emerald green ice machine and microwave (there are other emerald green products available too like a fridge to match, fans, bath scale, more), and a Crock Pot Mini Lunch Pot carrier (20 oz. capacity for $14.99). Yes, now you can plug in your lunch and heat it up when you arrive at work.


School Supplies

Of course BJ’s has a variety of backpacks, lunch boxes, lunch containers, and school supplies.  I bought a pack of 50 Scotch Thermal Laminator Pouches for about $8 or $9.00 and a lunch carrier for myself  about $15.00 (on Tuesdays I’ll be a Classical Conversations Tutor), a box of Rubbermaid Take Alongs for about $13.00 and a box of bed risers so I can utilize that underbed space for more storage.




Visit to see products and get more information and check out #BJsBTS2013 on Twitter for the latest Back to School buzz.  Go here to  my Youtube videos to see our BJ’s hosts show some healthy back-to-school lunch ideas.


*BJ’s did give me a gift card and some promotional items to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own.