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H&R Block has asked me to help promote the Emerald Advance Line of Credit and will be giving me a gift card for my work. The prize was provided and may be shipped to the winner by H&R Block, but all opinions expressed in the post are my own and not those of H&R Block. Entrants must be 18 or older and located in the US only. Winner to be chosen at random.


H&R Block Emerald Advance


Who couldn’t use an extra $300 this time of year – or ANY time of year? Ā šŸ™‚ Ā I know. I know. Ā But, I’ll get to that in a minute.


First let me share a little about how I’m planning to cover my Christmas “to-buy” needs.Ā  We don’t have a lot of money to spend so I enjoy getting creative.Ā Here are some of the ways I’m handling our Christmas shopping this year:


  • Buying second-hand:Ā  I found something at a local second-hand store that my boys will enjoy and the price was right so I bought it.
  • Decluttering for Cash:Ā  We recently raised $112 (so far) as a family by just going through and selling some of our unneeded possessions!
  • GoingĀ  DIY:Ā  I’ll be making a new batch of hard lotion bars and maybe some sugar scrubs that I’ve already made and enjoyed for myself.
  • Earning FREE Money:Ā  I earn Swagbuck points for free that I redeem for Amazon gift card codes and then look for free shipping.


Now, if we could always plan our expenses in advance, wouldn’t that be nice?Ā  Life doesn’t take that into account though-Ā  flat tires (happened to us recently), medical emergencies, a job loss – and a lot of us could be in big big trouble. For these reasons and more H&R Block wants everyone to be aware of their Emerald Advance line of credit.


With H&R Blockā€™s Emerald AdvanceĀ® line of credit, applicants may be eligible for up to $1,000 without having to jump through lots of hoops.Ā 


The application process starts here on November 25thĀ which means the line of credit could be available in time for the holidays! Whether using Emerald Advance to help cover holiday shopping, travel costs, meal planning or any unexpected expenses that come along throughout the year, being able to draw from a line of credit year-round allows more time for celebrating and less time for worrying!


H&R Block


Sound like something you want to look into?Ā 


  • H&R Block will begin accepting applications in offices November 25th so set up your appointment here today!
  • All you need to apply is an unexpired government-issued photo ID and your most recent pay stub (no W2 form required!).
  • You donā€™t already need to be an H&R Block client to apply.
  • The Emerald Advance is a line of credit you can draw from as you need it. You can use it year-round for unexpected expenses and other short-term credit needs.


Enter to win this $300 gift card!

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Giveaway begins 11/18 and ends 12/02 at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be chosen by random and emailed. Watch your spam boxes!


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H&R Block Emerald AdvanceĀ® line of credit and H&R Block Emerald SavingsĀ® are offered through, and H&R Block Emerald Prepaid MasterCardĀ® is issued by, H&R Block Bank, A Federal Savings Bank, Member FDIC.Ā  Line of credit is subject to credit and underwriting approval. Fees apply. If you apply and qualify for an Emerald Advance, H&R Block Bank may report information about your account to credit bureaus.Ā  Late payments, missed payments, or other defaults on your account may be reflected in your credit report.Ā  Products offered only at participating offices. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated. ā€œPrior Clientsā€ are H&R Block Bank customers in good standing and individuals who paid H&R Block or its franchisee for assisted 2012 tax return preparation (which includes an amended return). Ā©2013 HRB Tax Group, Inc