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Well,  I’ve been thinking about Christmas.  Since I’m thinking about making homemade gifts this year I recently asked my Facebook Friends on my personal Facebook wall:


“… what have been some of your favorite small inexpensive, maybe homemade gifts you’ve received or given?”


I was truly impressed with the response I received. And, on  hindsight I decided this would make a good post to share, thus we have 20+ DIY Gift Ideas Recommended by my Facebook Friends. 


Christmas gift guide



20+ Homemade DIY Gift Ideas


making cookies or other desserts


freshly grated Romano Cheese (along with some ammo 🙂 )


photo magnets made out of flat sided gems and pictures of family members


family scrapbook

  • can be from parent to child, grandchild to grandparent, sister to sister, etc


framed photo/ scrapbook of an older parent’s childhood home (very thoughtful and creative!)


homemade spices (steak rub, taco seasoning, etc and include the recipes)


natural house cleaners


head towel wrap


home grown, canned, organic food

  • applesauce, apple butter, beefy tomato soup stock, etc


hot cocoa and cookie mixes in a jar


canned jams or jellies, soups


homemade lip balm and hard lotion bars

  • I’ve already made a batch that works as both lotion and lip balm. I’ll share later.


bath salts and sugar scrubs and soaps


scalp massager


rice or flax seed aromatherapy bags with essential oils (lavender, cinnamon, eucalyptus)


personally designed coffee mugs (using Sharpies)

  • Here’s a good post to read before attempting this project.


decorative jars filled with candies


trees, plants, flowers that can be transplanted in a yard


You can probably find a recipe or tutorial for just about every single one of these things on Pinterest.  I love Pinterest and have a ton of stuff pinned myself. You can follow my boards here if you want.


Are you making homemade diy gifts this year?