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Here’s a great way to get some extra cash for holiday spending while at the same time…  decluttering your home!


Sometimes it just takes some diligent effort and a bit of time to turn unwanted, unused possessions into cash. Such has been the case in our home. I got serious about cutting down on clutter. I began weeding out our possessions (what can we do without?) and offering them for sale to family and local friends (on Facebook).


Yep, on Facebook. I mainly posted to my personal wall and privately to family, but I also posted on a couple local “for sale” Facebook groups I’m a member of.  I don’t think I sold anything on the public pages, but friends and family saw my wall postings and wanted my items. With Christmas just around the corner this cash has come in handy.





I involved my boys. As I sorted their toys I grouped similar items together and sold as a lot: such as the 80+ cars and a few related larger items for $18 or the huge bag of plastic animals, dinosaurs, people, fencing  etc  for $12. I sold a couple shelving units I could do without for $10 and $15 and so on it goes.


All in all so far I decluttered my house a little and brought in $112 and it didn’t cost me a dime to advertise 🙂 . We’ve used some of this money towards Christmas gifts.


So what about you?  Have you got any stories to share about decluttering your home and bringing in some extra cash?