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I thought I’d share our Thankful (wall) Tree. I found this idea online and pinned it a long time ago it seems. Finally, we have made one of our own.  I like this. Having a Thankful Tree helps me be intentional to teach my boys to get in the practice of looking for something new every. single. day. to be thankful for. I am sharing my affiliate links in this post.


You can make yours any way you want. I used several pieces of brown cardstock I had on hand and formed a tree out of it, taping the backside seams together and then using that blue tacky-putty to adhere it to the wall.

The leaves you see are leftovers from some die-cuts I had purchased at the dollar store awhile back. I ran back to the dollar store this week and they don’t have them anymore so I am cutting out a variety of leaves free hand from colored card stock. You can also use construction paper or plain white paper and have the kids color them.

The boys and I are adding one leaf each, per day with something new to be thankful for every day in November up to Thanksgiving Day.


thankful tree wall craft


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In addition, I plan for us to be making owls (there are some really cute ideas on Pinterest for this – check out my Fall Fun & Yum board here) to put in our tree. We might even come up with a squirrel or other critter to add to our scene.  One of my boys made a couple flying owls already, can you spot them?


I plan to fill more of our ground around the tree with leaves to make it look better. This has already stretched one of my boys as he thought he ran out of things to be thankful for the other day. I’m helping him think beyond the regular things we might normally think of like toys and a house. It’s good to be thankful for things like his favorite comfy blanket too.


I think I’ll save our Thankful leaves as a keepsake – maybe we’ll do this every year and see how our thankfulness has grown with time and maturity.



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