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refreshing diy vitamin water with lemon, cucumber and mint leaves


Sometime towards the later part of last year I came across a super easy recipe for vitamin water on Pinterest with a note that said it had helped someone lose weight. Now, I don’t know if that’s true or not, but I decided to try it and it was so refreshing that I am still making it.


As for the weight loss? I think it was helping me lose. Not long ago I noticed I had lost a few pounds for no known reason other than I thought probably it was due to eating plain Greek yogurt with raw honey and/or it was this vitamin water??


DIY Vitamin Water

  • slice 1 lemon

  • slice 1/2  cucumber (but I sometimes use a whole one)

  • handful of crushed fresh mint leaves

  • pitcher full of water

Allow to sit overnight or for at least 8 hours before drinking.  Drink it before it goes bad. The original article recommended drinking it within 24 hours I think, but I drink mine over a couple days – maybe three at most.


By the way, their are mixed opinions on whether lemon water helps you lose weight.  While looking for some sources I came across this post that said losing weight with lemons is a myth, however, person after person shared their own testimonies and disagreement with the poster in the comment section! I was actually encouraged to read those comments.


Using essential oils instead:

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I’ve tried making this vitamin water with my essential oils from Young Living Essential Oil and possibly another brand – replacing the sliced lemon and crushed mint leaves with Lemon Oil and Peppermint Oil; but, it just wasn’t the same.  I’m not sure which brand of Peppermint (not sure it would matter) I used since I had previously bought some for using in my homemade hard lotion bars. I also use it in my silky diy shea body butter.


Plus I’ve heard that the Lemon Oil is so strong that it will eat plastic and the pitcher I use for this vitamin water is a large plastic pitcher. I have a glass pitcher for when I do use my Lemon Oil which I will mix with a few drops of this organic Stevia which I bought at my local health food store.