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You don’t have to homeschool like I do to appreciate all the free math (and other) dvds at the local library. If you or your child are visual learners dvds can be a great help. We often watch them over and over. In fact, I’ll even pick up entertaining math (even science/history) dvds that are above their level so they are exposed to the concepts before they can really make sense of it.


After all…




… And I believe it!!


Truly, not all  dvds are created equal, but some are great and helpful! I want to share the few elementary math dvds that I have borrowed over and over from our local libraries. They are also available on Amazon if you want to purchase them. I’ll be using my affiliate links in this post.


My favorite elementary Math dvds by and large have come from Schlessinger Media. I don’t like or approve of  necessarily ALL the different kinds of dvds put out by Schlessinger, but my kids and I have enjoyed and learned from their “Math for Children” dvds that feature the same kids in each dvd. Here’s a list of what I’ve found online – I’m not sure I’ve seen all of these at my local libraries, but I will use this list to look for the ones we have not seen.






Telling Time


Number Sense










Gathering and Graphing Data


Addition – (No image)


This series of math dvds uses kids to teach kids in a fun, engaging way; and, the dvds I’ve seen are quality made.  I’ve got a couple other brand media-made math dvds I’m borrowing from the library right now and while the content may be really good, the quality of the production is poor: big turn off.  Quality in production really does matter.


Do you have any favorite math dvds  you pick up from your local library?