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Ever hear of NOVICA?  I wasn’t familiar with them until one of their reps reached out to me for a review. NOVICA is associated with National Geographic. Now National Geographic I’m familiar with! I love geography and have been a subscriber to their magazine in the past.  And, I did receive items to facilitate this review in exchange for my honest opinion.


About Novica

Welcome to The NOVICA Nation!
A Nation of artists throughout the world — a village of carvers in Bali; a family of ceramists in Brazil who have handed down their craft from generation to generation; a farmer in the Andes who hand-weaves alpaca sweaters.
It is a community of artists who have been isolated for centuries by distance, time, and geography –isolated from the very community of collectors seeking their unique, inspired, and undiscovered arts and crafts.
Now, finally, there is a bridge connecting our separate communities into one worldwide nation — this is The NOVICA Nation. A nation of people inspired by the arts and empowered by the Internet. We are all members.


I visited their website and ordered direct from Thailand this beautiful set of two 100% silk scarves (Turquoise Fantasy) pictured above by artist Vinita , the ‘Akha Life’ cotton handbag by artist Jiap Rojjana, and direct from Bali & Java a pair of sterling silver half-loop earrings called ‘Swirling’ by artist Komang Wijayana.


NOTE: To read about each of the artists above just click on those links and scroll to the bottom of those pages. You’ll see both the item I mention plus the artist behind it.


image from akha life handbag


All three items arrived in less than three weeks. I was SO impressed by the beauty in  the packaging of the handbag and scarves that came from Thailand. You can see it in the first image at the top.


swirling sterling silver earrings from

Both packages, the one I just mentioned and the one with the earrings came in special wrappings (the earrings came in a fabric bag and the other two were wrapped in a thick mulberry type paper and with ribbon) and with handwritten notes. The handwritten notes really make these artistic gifts feel personal!




If you like the earrings and scarves I’ve reviewed in this post you should see the variety of  scarves from Central America and the peridot chandelier earrings I’ve linked to here.


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