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It’s that time of the month and the book we Moms of Master Books have received free to review is actually an Elementary General Science book called Water & Weather, From the Flood to Forecasts by Tom DeRosa and Carolyn Reeves. Opinions are my own.


christian general science homeschooling book


Inside Water & Weather you’ll find 20 investigations designed for grades 3rd -6th. Each section should be done in order  to get the most out of this book.  “The learning progression recommended for this book is: engage, investigate, explain, apply, expand, and assess.” Almost every investigation involves gathering supplies for a hands on  project.


This is a Christian world-view book that emphasizes God’s creation. Some of the investigations are as follows:

  • In the beginning God created dinosaurs
  • Digging in and reconstructing fossils
  • Can rocks tell time?
  • Ocean Zones, from light to dark places
  • God’s system of purifying water

and more.


I’m excited about the potential for using this book as a science curriculum. It’s softcover and only $12.99. At the very end there is a Glossary of vocabulary words and definitions which could be used as spelling words and vocabulary for memorization. We haven’t started using it yet, but I hope to begin soon. If not this last half of the school year, perhaps over the summer.


Just FYI: There are at least four more books like this on different topics covering Matter, The Earth, Forces & Motion, and Energy.




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::Water & Weather is sold on Amazon (my affiliate link –>) here and at the publisher’s website (New Leaf) here.