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Our boys were born in our mid 30s. If you have lived with boys (brothers, sons) you probably know better than a lot of others the energy level at which boys operate and need to operate.


Well, even after growing up with three brothers of my own (and five sisters) I’m still learning how to deal with boys. I want to share a short list of books for Christian parents raising boys.


Books for parents raising boys.

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Yesterday I took this picture of my and my oldest who will turn 10 next month. We missed church yesterday because he was having what I believe were possible growing pains. So much so that I could tell he was in real pain. It came and went and one dose of Ibuprofen and a heated aromatherapy bag obviously helped. He was back to himself and wanting to kick around the soccer ball. We walked to a field near our home and ran and kicked the ball. I’m thankful that I’m physically fit enough to be able to do that. But that isn’t all.


Later he wanted to throw the football and because I may have said we could go out later (I didn’t want too) – but we did. I’m thankful again that I can throw and catch like I could 20 years ago. However last night after my shower and again this morning I was reminded that I am NOT in my 20s anymore!


Break out the painkillers. I traded in my morning cup of coffee for one generic-Excedrin!


recommended Christian parenting books for raising boys


I’ve been craving great examples and great advice from Christian parents who’ve passed the stages of rearing up foolish boys into godly young men who understand what is REALLY important in this world and how to be responsible – both spiritually and physically.


Raising kids is really like walking in the dark!  Now, I do have God’s blueprint, in the Bible, for the important foundational issues, but only God really knows what his specific plan for my boys’ is. I have to trust Him to direct my husband and I in how we raise them in the day to day things and trust the boys’ futures to Him.


I’m enjoying Dobson’s book “Bringing Up Boys” right now (borrowed from the library) and I have “King Me” requested for my husband to read. Both recommended to me from one of our pastor’s wives.


All the books I shared in the picture above and mention below I have read from or am reading and I recommend them all. Not all deal primarily with boys though. You can glean very good things from all of them – just apply what works for you and scrap what doesn’t or what you don’t agree with.



What Christian parenting books have you read and can recommend for parents raising boys?  I’m looking for more great examples, please share in the comments below.