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*I received HoneyBaked Ham products from our Canton, Ohio store and will receive compensation for my time and work involved in this campaign. Opinions are my own. Prizes are provided by HoneyBaked Ham.


delicious HoneyBaked Ham dinner


For the past several years my husband and I have hosted his side of the family for Thanksgiving and often Easter. I get to work on my mad-culinary (*cough-cough) skills for other people during these times.


I’ve tried slight variations in the way I prep or cook my turkeys and hams. Other than being a too dry at times, I’m not doing too bad. I’ve even tried to make something similar to a HoneyBaked Ham in the past.


dad cutting son's ham


Know what tastes better than my mock-HoneyBaked Ham? A real HoneyBaked Ham!


Last Thanksgiving I slaved away getting the food and the house ready. After all that work I finally sat down to eat and visit with family. Because some of the family had “Black Friday” shopping to do on Thanksgiving night – they didn’t stick around very long after dinner.

And then I was back to work – cleaning up.  I literally felt like I’d spent all day working and it wasn’t worth it for the little time we had to enjoy it. I do not plan on making that mistake next time. I’m looking for shortcuts for the next holiday meal we host.


my silly boy


Know what could have been better than slaving in the kitchen all day under the circumstances? Those two-pound pre-made Heat & Share side dishes from HoneyBaked Ham.


vintage melmac dishes at dinner

Like my vintage Melmac dinnerware plates? My husband thought they’d make the table look pretty 🙂 .


So, when I got the chance to pick up a HoneyBaked Ham dinner to review I decided to show you how easy Easter dinner can be for YOU.


Whether you want an easy mid-week meal or you want a delicious ham for Easter dinner – let me show you how easy this is to prepare. See that marvelous crunchy sweet coating on that ham below?!


HoneyBaked Ham Heat and Share side dishes


I bought everything in that picture for about $77 – I saved $3 by getting three sides – IF I had printed off the coupon I’m about to share with you I could have saved ANOTHER $3!  I was able to get the 3 sides for $3 off without a coupon – it was an in-store special that my local HoneyBaked Ham store in Canton, Ohio (Belden Village) was offering.


Your store might be offering it too, so be sure to ask! Also, be sure to download and print these HoneyBaked Ham coupons to save more money at participating stores! Seriously – look at the coupons,  you might be surprised at what you can save.



Let’s get back to how easy it is to serve a HoneyBaked Ham dinner!



an easy HoneyBaked Ham Easter dinner


Since my oven is so small (wall oven) and it was just our family of four eating dinner this night I only warmed up a small portion of the delicious smoked-tasting, sweet and crunchy glazed ham inside our toaster oven. I did wrap the ham mostly in foil.  HoneyBaked Hams come spiral sliced and already cooked.


WARNING: HoneyBaked Hams are delicious cold.


Be sure you trust the person making dinner to not be snacking on the main course ahead of time. Not that I know from experience or anything *wink wink 😉 .



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