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I told you in this post that I had plans to do a series about Myrtle Beach. We were actually there that week, but the month of May was SO busy with traveling for us that it’s taking me some time to get videos edited and uploaded to my Youtube.


Our Myrtle Beach Vacation series.


Our Busy Month of May

Early in May we had a review trip to Cedar Point’s Hotel Breakers, then the following weekend we left for vacation to Myrtle Beach (the north end) where we rented a condo for a week. This was our FIRST time doing such a thing and what a great experience!


We broke up the long 11+ hour drive back to Ohio with a quick stop to check out “Mayberry” in Mt. Airy, North Carolina and a stay overnight in Ghent, Virginia. THEN, that same week we were back in Sandusky, Ohio to help Master Books run their table at the Teach Them Diligently homeschool conference held at the Kalahari Resort. WHEW! What a fun and busy month 🙂 . I’ll be talking more about that last weekend in Sandusky soon.


outside our condo


Our visit to Myrtle Beach – Part 1

Early in our Myrtle Beach trip (we stayed in the north end near the Apache Pier) we were SO blessed to find SO many ocean critters that we could catch and observe. We did let them all go eventually. You can see us on the beach and the starfish, jellyfish, little fish, sand crabs, and coquina clams we caught. Some we brought back into the condo to observe and then set free a day or so later. The starfish went back to the ocean soon after the catch; we did not bring him “home”. BUT, those are not all we ended up with. <— Don’t do what we did. It may be illegal as a commenter mentioned. I am not sure firsthand what the laws about this entail.


My niece and I found a hermit crab (her) and a living welk (me) and I have a phone- video of that.  I’ll share it too because the welk was AMAZING to see in real life – not sure I’d ever seen one before.  If after watching any of our videos you see I’m calling these animals by the wrong names please correct me. I had to research and ask around to identify them.


I’ll share some of the other places we visited (<— get a discount to Hollywood Wax Museum at that link) and more videos in this series.


Inside our Myrtle Beach condo.


As far as where we stayed, I had come across a local family in our area who rents out their condo; and, we picked a week that was in our price range and booked it. You can find that condo here and follow their link to see pictures on the inside.


Visiting Myrtle Beach in the month of May turned out to be a great time for us as public schools were still in session. Another plus for us was that our condo was  near the pools, hot tub and walking distance from the ocean.  What a great location for our unit! And, speaking of the month of May, believe it or not, it got HOT that week in Myrtle Beach. I have another story about our car’s a/c to share later and the great service we received. You may need this info if you travel there, too.


So, to close out my first post on our week at Myrtle Beach I hope you enjoy watching this video of our first day or two on the beach and all of our aforementioned ocean critter catches! If there is anything in particular you’d like to know about our week in Myrtle Beach please be sure to leave a comment so I can address it in this series if I am able to.


Click here if you can’t see the video.


Stay tuned for Part 2.