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This post includes sponsored content that is relevant to our home drainage problems. Opinions are my own.

I was going to title this post Our “crappy” month of November, and you’ll see why that would have been appropriate. However, to give you the impression that it’s really bad would be dishonest, though, to anyone in their right mind they would probably agree, we’ve had a bad month.

But, have we, really?  I’ll explain.

November Testing

november testing

We live in NE Ohio, a couple hours from Pittsburgh plumbing services, and sewage water backup ushered in the month of November at our house.

I thought it was roots as we had a problem last year almost to the date. But this backup was different. The water was coming up from under the carpet, about a foot away from the drain; and, actual sewage was coming up in the basement toilet – yuck.



Well, long story short, let me tell you I’m glad I had decided to purchase sewer and water line protection plans via our gas provider this year. If you’re closer to the Ohio/Pennsylvania border look for Pittsburgh plumbing services if you need a plumber. 

Apparently the pipes, which are clay I think, have become compromised by roots and in some places seem to have broken. Our gas provider is paying for the part that the insurance covers which is in the yard, but we are responsible for the part under our home.

The boys watch the drain company repair the sewer pipes.

Last week the drain company that our gas provider contracts with came out and dug up the yard and replaced the pipes there. The nice thing, I’m told, is now we have a clean-out in the yard so if we have to have our pipes snaked in the future it can be done in the yard instead of down in the basement. I’m glad for that, but gladder (is that a word?) that we didn’t have to pay for this part of the work which I’m told could be $2500.

If the drain company comes back in about a week and needs to dig up (with a jackhammer) our laundry room basement floor to replace the pipes it will cost us $750. Merry Christmas! Right?

Sewer backup from damaged pipes under laundry room floor.

I’m just glad we bought the protection plan which, both water and sewer together, cost less than $10 a month I think. Since we didn’t buy the landscaping protection plan they cannot fix the yard up for us, but that’s okay. I think we just need some grass seed in the spring after the dirt settles.

Just days after the sewage backup our washing machine broke. Yep. But, I know a great repairman thanks to a friend’s recommendation; and, he was able to fix the washer AND spot another problem and fix it all for about $75.

Repairman fixing broken washing machine.

But, our exciting month didn’t end there! The best was yet to come. The cherry on the top. At least, I hope this is the cherry on the top, November isn’t over yet and I really don’t want anything else to happen this month that will top the fact that my husband lost his job.

Yes, that.

But, you know what? I’m not worried and I’ve been barely tempted to worry.

I’m not worried –  because we have plenty of money in the bank for such a time as this, because, WE DON’T. This would be a naturally understandable cause for worry.

I’m not worried –  because we have no debtbecause, WE DO. More understandable cause for worry, right?

I’m not worried, because I walk with the Lord daily.  I’m trusting the Lord and I know this:  He saw all of it before it happened. He knew it was coming. And, he provided the insight ahead of time to buy the line insurance and the great, affordable repairman. He’s also been working on my heart for some time about praying that we’d get out of debt and He knows I’ve been wanting to live on a more cash-based budget (less credit card reliance).

And this. 

Romans 8:28

…to be continued.