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I love – EASY- when it comes to making a meal for my family, or for when making a meal for a friend, and this recipe goes BEYOND that because this easy one-pot dinner is also moist, delicious and healthy!

Easy ONE-pot Dinner

Easy One-pot Dinner


The great thing with this easy one-pot dinner is it’s versatility. You can make chicken, pork or beef your main attraction. Yesterday I used partially frozen chicken, partially frozen because I just hadn’t had it out long enough to completely thaw.


How to make an easy, one-pot dinner.


So, yesterday I was preparing a meal for two families of four (our own family and a friend’s family who had a member recovering from surgery). Since all of our kids are young we didn’t need a ton of food. I used four partially or mostly frozen skinless, boneless chicken breasts and then halved or otherwise cut up several white and sweet potatoes (or yams) plus an onion or two. But, there are a few other things. I’ll lay it out step by step for you.


I use this roaster to make an easy one-pot dinner that is delicious, moist.


I used this roaster which was my husband’s paternal-grandmother’s years ago. I use this roaster every Thanksgiving to cook our turkey but not for much else. (affiliate link: Here’s a similar one). It’s very roomy! I’ve seen similar roasters at Walmart for around $11 during the Thanksgiving season, though I’m not sure if mine is bigger than those?


Easy ONE-pot Dinner #howto


Step by Step: Easy One-Pot Dinner

Step #1:  I put a little extra-virgin olive oil (you can use whatever you want) on the bottom of the pan along with some water.

Step #2:   I  laid the four chicken breasts on top and seasoned the chicken generously with garlic powder, Italian seasonings, fresh ground pepper and (affiliate link) this brand of sea salt (not too much). Again, you can use what you want, but this seemed perfect to me.

Step #3:  Then top with your chunky potatoes and onions laid on top (or other vegetables). Carrots would be great, too!

Step #4:  Add more water up to about half the thickness of the chicken. You don’t have to cover the chicken. This water trapped between the pot and lid helps steam the chicken while it’s cooking, keeping it moist and giving you some yummy juices to use over your meat and potatoes. Cook for about 1 1/2 hrs at 350 degrees with the lid on the whole time. Check the inner temperature of the chicken if you want to be sure about when it’s done. 

Water is key to making your easy one-pot dinner moist!


Easy ONE-Pot Dinner #howto


It was delicious! I even had some of the leftovers for lunch today. If you enjoyed this post, please consider signing up for my email updates and consider sharing this post with your friends online. Thank you!