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Our boys have been playing with Legos since they were young – at least back when they were given a set of Duplo Legos. Those are the larger type that are meant for young kids. Free Lego printables really add some fun and extra educational value to having Legos.

Once the boys graduated to the older kid Legos which are smaller, they started asking for them year after year for birthdays and Christmas. We acquired such a mass of Legos that last summer I decided to start a homeschool Lego Club in our home to put them to use.

Free Lego Printables & more

I’ve compiled a list of free Lego themed printables I’ve compiled from the web for you and your children to enjoy in your own home, as well as sharing a few pictures from our home based Lego Club.  I am using my affiliate links to link to Lego themed products you may want to look at.

Reading their presentation at our home based Lego Club

Reading their presentation at our home based Lego Club.

Lego coloring printables: There are about five coloring pages to print off from this site.

Lego 8×10 fun printables: This site has four brightly colored Lego themed printables that would be great for wall hangings or to use in binders for page dividers or covers.

Duplo Early Simple Machines Set III

Learning Simple Machines with Legos: This is a Simple Machines unit study made up of free resources that I put together for homeschooling my boys (as pictured below).

Simple Machines using Lego & Freebies

Create your own Lego Mini figure printables: Print off your own large mini figure coloring pages and have your child decorate according to whatever future job they want when they grow up. Mini figure pages for both boys and girls included.

Lego Movie coloring printables: More Lego coloring pages but from The Lego Movie.

Lego base plate

An Ultimate Lego Party Supply List: If you’re wanting to have a Lego party for any occasion you should look at this list of supplies. You may find things you ever knew existed to make your party extra special. There’s also a free printable with 26 ideas for challenging builds you can have the kids do at the party!

Lego Sushi

Lego Sushi built by one of our homeschool club members.

See some previous best selling Lego sets for kids.

Lego Kindergarten Printables: Print off these fun printables for math concepts, reading, writing and more for your little ones.

Lego sub sandwich with olive.

Brendan made a sub sandwich with an olive.

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