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Skinny Tan for an instant tan or gradual tan. (ad)


It’s probably been about 2 decades since I’ve tried a self tanner – until I received these Skinny Tan products to try for free. Opinions are my own and this is not a paid post.


According to the fact sheet, Skinny Tan is “an all natural sunless tanner that reduces the appearance of cellulite, is now available for the first time in the United States… Skinny Tan is a salon quality self tanner that instantly bronzes the skin for up to 7 days.” There is a line of Skinny Tan products, but I only received the Body Mousse and the Gradual Tanner.


Indeed, the Body Mousse gives me a tan immediately and so far I haven’t had problems with streaking. I mainly use it on my legs and feet, once I’ve used it on my shoulders (because I have a farmer’s tan).The Body Mousse formulation combines two green based certified tanning agents plus organic coconut for scent and Aloe Vera for moisturizing and caffeine from Guarana Berries to disguise cellulite. You can use it on the face or body.


The Gradual Tanner is a white creamy moisturizer that develops into a tan over time. I’ve been mainly using that one on my face, arms, and neck area. Everything works well on me and I’m a fair skinned person. In fact, because I like the amount of color I’m getting on my face from both the natural sun and the gradual tanner I have not been using foundation or powder most days.


Using Skinny Tan Body Mousse [ad]

I love the glow I get. I’ve only used this self tanner maybe 3 times in a week. It looks like a bronzer when you first apply but goes tan minutes after. My advice: consider getting the mitt too (they didn’t send me one) or use something to avoid staining your hand. Though it seems to wash off pretty well if I wash my hands asap.


You can purchase a special Skinny Tan Applicator Mitt to apply the Body Mousse (a good idea because it stains quickly) for $9.95.  I don’t mind saving the money and just washing my hands quickly. When using the Body Mousse be prepared to wash your hands immediately if you don’t use a mitt! You can see their 24-hour Bronzer with a Mitt on Instagram here.


“Skinny Tan’s range of products contains a natural tanning active plus Guarana… The collection includes high quality naturally derived and eco-friendly agents derived from the Brassica Napus plant that work to create a natural tan. Simply massage into the skin for a tan that looks natural, disguises blemishes, dissimulates cellulite and helps add visible definition.” Skinny Tan tanning products start at $29.95 and go up.


I feel more confident with my Skinny Tan tan (ad).

The Gradual Tanner has a nice coconut scent. I love both products! I ENJOY having a closely matched tan on my legs, arms and face. I definitely feel more confident about how I look.


You can purchase Skinny Tan products at their website and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.