Off-grid pantry planner


Today I decided, last moment, to stop by our local Goodwill that charges by weight for most of their items. I hadn’t been in there for awhile. Today, I was not disappointed! So, of course, I am sharing my Goodwill haul which includes some items for STEM homeschooling! I found a matching book shelf to two others I have at home ($3) and a bunch of other things that were weighed. I walked out having spent less than $20!


Check out my Goodwill haul of STEAM homeschooling supplies & more


We’re going STEAM!

Several items I got to add to the boys’ STEM / STEAM stash. STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. STEM is the same thing without the “Art”. I just include it in the description for “search” and “SEO” purposes because more people may be aware of that acronym. STEAM is a new focus for our homeschooling and I’m excited about it!


This will be our STEAM (STEM) cart for homeschool 2016-2017.


I have been researching hard these past several weeks for inspiration and praying for guidance about what direction to go with our homeschooling. The past three years we have been involved with co-op type groups. This year we are going solo, but we will continue with the clubs we are involved in. Our homeschool Lego Club will be morphing into a Minecraft Club though, if the kids get their way :).


I do plan to share another video soon showing the curriculum I have planned for the boys as well as our STEAM cart and I want to share my “game-plan”. I’m excited! I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of planning 🙂 . How about you? If you homeschool, how are your plans coming along?


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