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I guess I kind of fell in love with the following concept I’m about to show you. The first time I remember seeing it done in person was when my sister-in-law made one as a gift for my parents. It turned out great!


Fast forward many months and I decided to try to make one of these cute photo holder frames myself by giving an old vintage frame a makeover! I made this the same time I gave this candle lantern a makeover and turned this old frame into a piece of art! Yeah, I was on a roll that week…


Easy vintage frame makeover! Great Christmas gift idea.

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This was truly an easy, easy project! I was SO fortunate to find the vintage frame for free from my dad. I don’t know what kind of wood it is but it was easy to push the tacks into – maybe because it’s simply old wood. I chose to use twine that I already had on hand. It is a thin twine so if I were to it again, I would consider buying more of it (I think I finished off the roll) or I might buy a thicker strand so it actually compliments this thick frame better.

At any rate, I really like how it turned out!


How to give a vintage frame a makeover!


How to give a vintage frame a makeover

The materials I used

  • twine
  • scissors
  • clothespins (I bought smaller ones like this)
  • masking tape
  • thumb tacks


Give an antique frame a new purpose. Great gift idea!


This was an easy, cheap and fast vintage frame makeover!


As you’ll see I pushed in the tacks and wrapped the twine around them and then criss-crossed (see picture). I used masking tape to cover old nails sticking out of the frame and I think I may have covered the tacks also to help secure the tacks and twine.


Cheap, easy makeover for a vintage frame!


Finally, I got to take the smaller clothes pins and attach my chosen images! This would make a great Christmas gift for a family member.


How to give an old frame new life. Easy, cheap makeover!



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