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Earlier this year I was on the hunt for a juicer. My research taught me that not all juicers are the same. There is something called a “slow masticating juicer”. My understanding is that this type keeps the machine cooler vs. hot while juicing and thereby saving nutrients from being lost. I am using my affiliate links in this post.


Because price is a big deal for me (I can’t afford something as nice as a Vitamix) I had to consider other options. Since I decided I wanted to go the “slow masticating” way I decided to purchase the Big Boss Heavy Duty slow masticating juicer.


What I love about the Big Boss Heavy Duty Juicer




The Big Boss that I have is

  • easy to assemble and use
  • easy to clean
  • affordably priced (less than $90)


I did a sort of bare bones review video months ago and just got it edited today. Watch the video to see how I assemble and use this juicer!



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