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See that black rectangle at the end of the room? Our cable bundle bill went up again and we said “bah-bye”. We went about 4 years with no TV service and then 2 yrs ago we got the bundle deal when we moved to this house.I wrote about the time we cut the cable here.

Cable TV

After 2 yrs of having cable TV I can say it’s been more of a curse than a blessing. The two positives were sports and the Presidential election coverage.

But now that the Cleveland Cavs have won the championship, the Cleveland Indians made it to the World Series, Ohio State University beat Michigan this past Sunday and Trump beat Hillary, we are ready to go back to no tv. Now we’ll pay about $107 for turbo internet and digital phone until I find a better deal with another provider.

Cell Phones

I have my sights set on looking for a cheaper cell phone deal with Verizon now that (I think) my contract may be fulfilled. I’m the only one in the family with a Smartphone and that’s mainly because I need it for blogging/social media work. Before getting my cell phone my husband and I were using (he still is) really cheap Tracfones I picked up at one of the dollar stores for under $10. It was a great deal! We got double airtime minutes with the deal and I just buy minutes for my husband’s phone as we need them. I spend about $21 every few months on airtime because he doesn’t go through it quick. It’s really just an emergency/convenience phone.

When one of our phones was apparently stolen out of the car we experienced awesome customer service with Tracfone. They cut the service to the missing phone off and transferred the minutes, if I remember right, to the other phone and sent us a new SIM card all for NO extra fees.

Airboat ride through the Mangroves in the Everglades of Florida.

Flying to Florida

I won’t spend much time talking about this right now because I have a whole lot to say on it in the weeks to come! We experienced our first family trip to Florida in November! This was the first time the boys and I had been to this state and the first time the boys have ever flown. It was really an amazing opportunity that came knocking on my blogging-door, I mean, a dream come true type of experience. It was a sponsored / hosted opportunity, but I consider it a gift from the Lord.

Spanky our cat with a broken tooth. Ouch!

Pets matter too

In addition to taking our oldest son to the orthodontist – twice this week, I had to find a new veterinarian for our cat who broke a tooth. To be honest, we really weren’t sure what happened to Spanky’s tooth. One minute he was fine and the next he had a tooth sticking out of his mouth. He was also due for a rabies shot.

After gathering recommendations from my Facebook friends (I love being able to do that!) I picked three places and called each for details about what their services would cost based on what I was expecting the problem to be. I was relieved that Spanky didn’t need any invasive treatments or meds. His tooth was broken above the root but was still attached. The vet pulled the tooth quickly, Spanky got his shot and we were soon out the door for less than $50.

Okay, so I wanted to take some time to share a peek into our lives of late. I plan to be writing about most of our adventures in Florida very soon. I’ve also been busy working on this gift guide .

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