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I love plants, but I have some issues with keeping them alive and well. First, my thumb isn’t very green. Second, we have a cat and he can’t be trusted around plants. In some cases he’s been caught chewing on my fake plants, too. Well, at least my glittery fake poinsettias I had out during the Christmas season.

Now, all of that doesn’t stop me from having plants! I’ve got several fake trees with lights on them. I love the warm ambiance that comes from tiny lights on them. I am THRILLED to now own a gorgeous large silk flower display that my sister gave me pictured below. I believe this may have been made by someone who lives in our area and my sister and her family moved and she passed it on to me.


This large display is almost too tall for my dining room table, but it sure makes a great statement in my small foyer. I even found a sunflower themed rug to go at the bottom of the stairs opposite this floral display that matches nicely. You can see  the rug in this post.

I love sunflowers. I’ve even managed to grow them at times outside of our home, but I can’t take much credit for that. I think they’re pretty hardy plants.

When I recently had the opportunity to pick a silk flower arrangement from Commercial Silk I chose this BEAUTIFUL small sunflower display. Opinions are my own. This is SO cute and it really helps my sunflower theme flow from the foyer to the dining room.


This adorable smaller sunflower display is a good fit for my table – but it also fits nicely on the top of my shelf stand in the same room. I love the pop of color these bring to the room – they are darling and the size is perfect for so many spaces in my home.

You can find more silk flower displays and outdoor artificial plants for home decorating at this website.